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1801 S. 1st St.

Austin, Texas

1801 S. 1st St.
Austin, Texas




Luar Martinez aka Horimaru has been tattooing since 1994. Originally from Yucatan Mexico, Horimaru moved to the U.S. to broaden his tattoo technique, art and career. Horimaru, has also traveled back and forth to Japan in a span of 5 years. In Japan, he learned the timeless art of Japanese Tebori tattooing (traditional hand tattooing), where he was taught by world class Japanese tattooer, Horimasa. Horimaru, specializes in Japanese Tebori and Electric Japanese tattooing. Not only is Horimaru, versed in Traditional Japanese tattooing but also has a specialty in the art of Mayan & Mesoamerican designs. Along with being extremely versed in tattoo culture, Horimaru, has a great passion for the martial arts and practices Japanese Aikido & Iaido. He has owned and operated Ancient Ink Tattoo since 2004 and continues his mission to consistently produce world class tattoos, alongside his talented crew of artist.

Born in Austin Texas. Realism, color, black and grey and fine line tattoos.


Permanent Guest Artist at Ancient Ink 

Our address is 1801 S. 1st St.
We are located at the southeast corner of S. 1st & Annie St.
You can find parking at the entrance on Annie St.
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