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About Ancient Ink

Ancient Ink has been proudly tattooing the eclectic city of South Austin since 2005. We offer an array of tattooing styles such as classic traditional American electric tattooing, Traditional Japanese Tebori hand tattooing, photo realism, portraits and smooth solid color work. Ancient Ink currently houses 6 of   Austin’s prestigious tattooers that offer ANY style of tattooing you could possibly wish or ask for; we are here for you. The shop is a private and intimate, with warm and cozy quarters so you never have to feel like you are not being ignored or misunderstood.

We are predominantly appointment based but walk –ins are always welcome, there is always a spot for you to get tattooed or make an appointment to suit your needs. All the artwork is custom and original so you never have to worry about running into another person with the same tattoo, you deserve better than that. Feel free to stop by the shop to say hello and give us the opportunity to meet you, we would love to talk more of the vision you have for a beautiful piece of artwork. We are always here for consultations, feel free to call or contact us for scheduling, we would love to hear from you.