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Kasha “Wild Bird” has graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada. Between 2000 and 2014 she lived in California and New York where she worked as a visual merchandiser. While in New York, Kasha studied millinery in the Fashion Institute of Technology and started her own hat business and was featured in the New York Times wearing one of her signature “tree hats”. She was an active member of the National Arts Club, had various art exhibits and published her own children’s book called “If Birds Could Fly”. She travelled extensively and did street art in Tokyo, Rio, Miami, Brooklyn and Hawaii. After starring in the TV art reality show “Work of Genius” in Miami, she began a series of large paintings of Goddess Archetypes. It was this series, as well as, her dreams that inspired her to paint tattoos on canvas, that she saw as spiritual guidance to embark on a new adventure in tattooing. On June 23, 2013, Kasha opened her little underground shop in Queens, NY, called Eye on You Tattoo. She explored this new field for a year and a half after which she was once again spiritually guided to seek an apprenticeship and move to Hawaii. In August 2014, Kasha stumbled on Kailua Town and found her favorite tattoo shop, Koi Tattoo where she stubbornly persisted to get accepted even after a rejection. After successfully completing her two-year apprenticeship Wild Bird migrated to California. For the next year she worked in Black and Blue Tattoo – one of San Francisco’s most respected tattoo shops where she was exposed to a diversity of challenging projects and applied various techniques and tattooing styles. Wild Bird migrated again, this time to the heart of Austin to work for Ancient Ink Tattoo where she plans to settle some roots. Her specialty is in mandalas, sacred geometry, goddess mythology, nature, animals, flowers, henna style, decorative/lace, art deco, dot work, line work, ancient symbols. She uses mainly black and grey, but will also do a minimal color palette or mono chromatic. Her rate is $150/per hour, and yes she is efficient!